Anchor Ductile Mesh & Rebar

Anchor produces New Zealand’s widest ranges of Ductile Mesh under IS0 9001.

Complies with AS/NZS4671.

Independently tested by S.G.S. & Certified by B.S.I.


We are a founding member of the WWR Marketing Development Alliance.

Nationally Anchor has supplied major sites such as Marsden Point Oil Refinery, the Sky Tower and Wellington Regional Stadium (the Cake Tin).


CODE wire size spacing (mm) length x width finish
Nett cover 7.262m², Gross Area 9.495m²
WWRSE62SML 6.1mm 200 x 200 4500 x 2110 Black
Nett cover 8.312m², Gross Area 10.797m²
WWRSE62RES 6.1mm 200 x 200 5100 x 2110 Black
Nett cover 11.932m², Gross Area 14.729m²
WWRSE62LARGE 6.1mm 200 x 200 5900 x 2510 Black
Nett cover 10.432m², Gross Area 13.167m²
WWRSE72 7.0mm 200 x 200 5700 x 2310 Black
WWRSE82 8.0mm 200 x 200 5700 x 2310 Black
WWRSE92 9.0mm 200 x 200 5700 x 2310 Black





CODE BAR SIZE Grade/MPA Elongation Length Number/Bundle Weight/Bundle
ACSTROD12 12mm 300 15% 6000mm 250 1332kg
ACSTROD16 16mm 300 15% 6000mm 211 1998kg
ACSTROD20 20mm 300 15% 6000mm 135 1998kg
ACSTRODH12 12mm 500 10% 6000mm 250 1332kg
ACSTRODH16 16mm 500 10% 6000mm 211 1998kg
ACSTRODH20 20mm 500 10% 6000mm 135 1998kg

Supplied in full bundles only




Contact us today for more information:

Tel: +64-9-2666 666
Fax: +64-9-2662 992


PO Box 97-855
Manukau 2241
Auckland, New Zealand

131 Kerrs Road
Auckland, New Zealand

*Anchor Wire Ltd is only bound by supplier and purchaser terms if confirmed in writing.




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